You may think that deciding on the right frame is the most important part of choosing your new glasses, but you also have a great choice of lenses too. In fact, today’s lens choices are greater than ever. New technology means that spectacle lenses can be made light and thin in almost all prescriptions, especially if combined with the appropriate frame.

Lenses can be light-sensitive or tinted as sun specs. Special coatings can reduce glare and scratching.

Varifocals (also known as progressive lenses) are used to correct presbyopia – the loss. of focusing ability which occurs as you get older. They have three different prescriptions in one lens and your optometrist may recommend you try these if you require different prescriptions for focussing at different distances. Varifocals continue to develop and are easier to adapt to than ever before.

We particularly recommend Hoya lenses because of the quality of their lens design and coatings.

Hoya Lenses

Hoya’s lens materials are aesthetically attractive, comfortable to wear and are manufactured using the most advanced production methods. As spectacle wearers have become increasingly more discerning, the need for traditional, glass ophthalmic lenses has declined. Consumers now expect thinner, lighter and more comfortable lenses that still offer the optical clarity and strength of the older glass products. Hoya’s response has been to develop a range of high-index plastic lens materials that offer individual advantages and benefits to each wearer.