Contact Lens Q & A

How do I know if I’m suitable?

There is no test to determine if anyone is able to wear contact lenses successfully long term. The normal procedure is to carry out an ordinary eye examination and then, after carefully taking measurements of the front of the eye and checking the health of the eye, we ask you to wear a trial pair of contact lenses for half an hour or so. This allows you to gain some impression of how the lenses feel and the fit of the lenses can be assessed.

If the trial is successful the first supply of lenses is then ordered. When they arrive at the practice we teach you how to use and care for your lenses safely. The first set are usually diagnostic lenses which allow you to try them for a few days to see if they are comfortable.

Contact lens wearers require more frequent checks than spectacle wearers; the cost of these visits is usually included in the lens cost for frequently replaced lenses. If you are interested in contact lens wear the next step is to book a routine eye examination and discuss contact lenses in more detail.

To book your eye test simply call the team at Francis Street on 0116 270 0044, or Queens Road on 0116 270 9595.